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Cupcakes – The Latest ‘Must Have’

Cupcake accessories are the latest must-have in the baking world. For several years now, designer cupcakes have been big news and big business, especially when popularized by television shows such as the iconic  Sex and the City.

Nowadays, you’ll see designer cupcake stores springing up in towns across the nation.  It is now possible for a stay at home mom to present their wares to friends, neighbors, school galas and fetes, fairs, festivals, bake-offs and competitions just like the professionals, by packaging them in a variety of beautiful pastry boxes.

A cupcake box hides a multitude of sins, and imagine how fabulous your cupcakes can look when you pack them into these cute little containers. There are many accessories you can buy to enhance your baking and presentation, but presentation boxes are one of the easiest and quickest baking accessories that can make a huge and immediate visual difference to the presentation of your cakes. And of course, successful baking is as much about presentation as well as flavor.

Here are just a few of the many different types of variations of cupcake boxes
available and their uses:

Wedding Cake Boxes

Many Brides these days are looking for something a bit different for both their wedding cakes and stylish wedding boxes for their guests. Creative bakers can make you a spectacular cupcake tower for a wedding cake and afterward the individual cupcakes are packaged into beautiful boxes making for easy transport home. These can be as simple or elaborate as you want. You can even get them custom designed to fit in with the overall theme of your decor.

If you prefer a traditional style wedding cake there is a vast range of exquisite wedding cake boxes to suit all budgets. You will usually discuss these options with the baker that you choose to make your cake. If you or a relative are baking your own wedding cake make sure that you don’t forget to plan for an appropriate box as soon as you know the dimensions of your cake. Don’t forget to allow for the frosting and decorations when estimating the size that you need.

Pastry Boxes

Pastry boxes are usually plain white and come in a large range of sizes designed primarily to package, transport and protect all types of pastries, cakes, donuts, cookies and other baked goods. They are supplied as flat packed one piece items that are simple to assemble. It is important to select one that is an appropriate size for your needs as the items within can move around and get damaged in transit otherwise. If you do end up with a pastry box that is too large fill the empty spaces with lightly crushed tissue or bake paper to keep everything in place. As mentioned with wedding cake boxes above, allow for decorations when calculating the size you need. These days elaborate frosting is very popular and it can almost double the height of a cake so make sure you factor it in.

Presentation Boxes

These are especially good if you want to present beautifully decorated cupcakes. Their all round transparency will highlight your culinary works of art without any need for further adornment. They are more expensive than most other bakery boxes and are usually used if the item within is intended as a gift or favor. If you would like to showcase your baked goods but don’t want to go to the expense of a fully clear box a less expensive option is to use ones with a window top.

Candy Boxes

You can buy purpose made candy boxes as party favors for a special occasion but most styles of small cake boxes also make excellent containers for all sorts of party favors. Often these are beautifully decorated and some people like to keep them to store keepsakes, vanity items or other bits and pieces. It is a good idea to line them with tissue before putting the sweets or cakes in them so that the insides don’t get spoiled by frosting, gum or sugar.

Special Occasion Cake Boxes

You can buy cake boxes specifically made for all special occasions. They are usually themed in both color and decoration to go with the particular type of event or festivity. To name just a few:

Halloween Cupcake Wrappers

These make great treats for trick or treat and are a fun way to dress up a Halloween Party table. There is a large variety of Halloween cupcake decorations available to dress them up further including boxes, toppers and spooky cake decorating ingredients.

Christmas Boxes

Christmas boxes are beautiful as gifts for children and those special people that you care about. A handmade gift will always make someone feel that little bit special. You can get store brought ones ranging from simple ones colored in traditional Christmas colors right through to highly decorated ones that are a work of art in their own right.

Easter Boxes

These are great fun and are a good alternative to chocolate eggs, especially for those people who cannot have chocolate. You will find endless Easter cupcake recipes on the Internet and the sky is the limit when it comes to decorating. A fun activity for the children is to supply them with plain white boxes and a variety of craft materials so that they can decorate their own special ones to give as gifts. It is inexpensive, fun and helps develop their creative imagination and skills. This is also good for Christmas, Halloween and other festive occasions.

Heart Shaped Boxes

Valentines Day, Mothers Day or any other time that you want to tell someone that you love them are perfect for using heart shaped boxes. You can use them for cakes, candies, chocolates or even jewelery for someone special. You do need to be careful when purchasing heart shaped boxes as they look larger than they actually are. Ensure that your cake will fit in the box before baking it.

Other Cupcake Accessories

Regardless of your event, in addition to cup cake boxes, there are many other accessories that will help you to bake, protect and present your baked goods. You may just be after a stylish cupcake stand for your wedding cupcakes. Or you may need some decorative liners, which come in a vast array of designs and colors. If you are in need of cupcake ideas you will find bakery supplies suited for all occasions at online bakery suppliers. Don’t forget all of the other party supplies that can turn your party into something really special.

Here is a short video demonstrating some really basic cupcake decorating ideas that any novice can do.
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