Cupcake Boxes Wholesale

If you own a business or are having a party or event there are many online stores that will sell you wholesale cupcake boxes. We have sourced some great suppliers for you and also have some great hints on how to get the best prices for different quantities.

Buy Cupcake Boxes Wholesale and Save Money

Cupcake boxes are great way to present your cakes. If you are a professional baker you can use them for marketing purposes, as well. You can purchase a full range of cake boxes wholesale, and put your own sticker on the each one thereby advertising your business. In addition, you can get custom made, high quality cake or pastry boxes with you name already embossed on them. If you have a highly brandable color scheme that you want to continue to build on it is often worth the expense of a complete range of fully customized cake boxes in your company colors.

These are also very effective for weddings and other special occasions as you can get them designed in a way that they match the decor of your table settings and centerpieces. Be forewarned, however, that these beautiful custom cake boxes are very expensive unless you need quite large quantities. The reason for this is that a large part of the cost is in the design,artwork and set up. These costs are the same regardless of whether you need a few dozen or a few thousand.

The Different Types of Bakery Boxes Available

The variety of bakery Boxes available today are made to hold everything from birthday and wedding pastries to chocolates, suckers, cookies, and, of course, cup cakes. They are available in different sizes, colors and materials.

You can order cupcake boxes via Internet. There is a huge variety of styles and sizes to suit all situations. The least expensive type is the plain white variety, flat packed. The other most common colors are, pink, gold, silver and brown and they also come plain or with pinstripes, polka dots or other decorative motifs. There are also several different window types available.

Clear cellophane windows are the best way to show off your baked goods but they are a bit more expensive. They are great for bakeries or bake sales as they showcase the content inside. If you are giving someone a surprise gift a solid box, beautifully wrapped, makes a wonderful impression.

Wholesale cupcake containers are a splendid idea if you are selling a lot of cakes daily. Your purchasing volume will guarantee you a minimum price and you will reap the rewards of providing a better service to your clients and customers. You can give your customers their cakes in a pastry pack that makes them look even more delicious without getting damaged in transit.

If you want to order cupcake boxes wholesale you may need to supply proof of business ownership but it is worth checking around as many bakery suppliers will supply their pastry boxes to at wholesale prices as long as you order a minimum quantity.

You need to remember that basic cupcake boxes are an inexpensive item so you may need to purchase several hundred to qualify for wholesale pricing. More elaborate styles cost considerably more so, depending on the supplier, you may only need to get a couple of dozen.

Often the wholesale pricing is based purely on the package size that the wholesaler has had to purchase them in. This is due to reduced handling and waste. Once a carton is opened cardboard products are more difficult to store and are more likely to get damaged. No one wants soiled or damaged items so the vendor either has to discount or throw them out.

One last consideration is your time. Although the Internet has made it a lot simpler and quicker to shop around and compare prices you don’t want to waste time that could be more productively spent if you only need a couple of dozen relatively simple cupcake boxes that, by purchasing wholesale, may only save you a few dollars.