Gable Boxes

Gable Boxes
Gable boxes are ideal for any occasion, and they make your gifts into something special. We have found some great suppliers plus hints and tips for cake presentation.

What are Gable Boxes?

They are simply pieces of cardboard folded into a box with mini handles. They are uncomplicated to make, and there are an endless variety of design choices for just the right touch. You can also purchase plastic gable boxes that are made of PVC plastic tinted in pastel colors. They use a cardboard insert in the bottom to reinforce the unit as well as to add a gaily colored accent. Often they are made specifically as a “give away” box for a business starting a new advertising campaign. They are filled with company merchandise and given away to customers to promote their products.

Mini gable boxes

These are popular to use for wedding events such as the rehearsal dinner, the reception and any other parties associated with the happy couple. These wedding boxes are perfect for gifts for the bridesmaids and maid of honor as well as the groomsmen, the best man, ushers and attendants. Customary gifts to thank the wedding party are made all the more special in these tasteful and stylish wedding packages. The containers are small; a typical size might be 4 inches long by 3 inches wide and 3 inches tall. They are perfect for holding wedding favors such as chocolates and other candies, tea light candles or tiny picture frames. They can be embellished with coordinated ribbons and personalized hang tags.

Festive Gable Boxes

A baby shower is another perfect occasion to use festive gable boxes. The pastel frosted plastic boxes are especially nice if you know the gender of the baby. Traditionally pink is used for girls and blue is used for boys; otherwise just use several of each color. If you want to play it safe, stick to pale yellow, mauve or green. White is lovely too. Shower gifts and favors are a great way to tell your guests thank you for their love and support. The containers may be filled with anything such as homemade cookies, small soy candles, glycerin soap or seed packets that represent new life when planted. ribbons, bows and lace can be pasted on the boxes to make them unique for a memorable baby shower.

Holiday Themed Gable Boxes

Holiday themed gable boxes have never failed to help create a festive air at any Christmas or New Year’s party. These can be ordered already decorated or you can do it yourself for a personal touch. It is not hard to glue snowmen and reindeer pictures on the outside of the box and tie it with a bright ribbon. A wonderful winter gift for anyone is a decorative mug with homemade cocoa mix and marshmallows that fit perfectly in the box.